December. 12, 2022 News

Sonavi Labs Announces Partnership with Acadian Ambulance Service

October 31 , 2022 – Baltimore, MD – Sonavi Labs and Acadian have signed a partnership agreement to leverage Sonavi Labs’ advanced medical technology, Feelix, across Acadian’s Safety Management
Systems, Acadian Health, and Acadian Air Med divisions in New Orleans and parts of the south. The partnership is intended to deploy the Feelix platform, developed by Sonavi Labs, to support remote patient monitoring, using high-fidelity acoustic technology coupled with sophisticated machine learning.

Sonavi Labs is a Johns Hopkins University spinout that was founded in 2017. Co-Founders Ellington West and Ian McLane serve as CEO and CTO respectively. Sonavi Labs has developed the Feelix system, an advanced chronic disease management platform that couples the world’s most sophisticated acoustic technology with clinically validated diagnostic software to support clinical decision making. The Feelix platform features both hardware and software intended to provide objective data for clinicians, enhancing remote monitoring programs with high-fidelity body sounds.

Acadian Companies is a diverse group specializing in medical transportation, pre-hospital care, healthcare at home, industrial health, safety and environmental services, training, consulting, dynamic security equipment and monitoring for homes and businesses, charter flight services, and world-class emergency medical services education. Acadian strives to be the last-mile care provider, closing gaps between providers and patients in need. Acadian Ambulance is one of the largest ambulance services in the nation, offering emergency and non-emergency transportation to areas in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee. They are employee-owned and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services.

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases tend to be some of the most frequent users of emergency medical services, which costs healthcare systems around the country billions of dollars. In 2018, there were over 1.3M emergency department (ED) visits across the US for pneumonia and complications associated with COPD alone, which represented approximately 10% of all ED visits in the country.

Both Sonavi Labs and Acadian believe that home-based, personalized, and patient-centered care will help to reduce the burden on health systems and clinicians. The hope is that this collaboration will improve patient health outcomes and the experiences of providers to reduce burnout and conserve already strained resources following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is an exciting time and an appropriate time to transform the standards of healthcare”, said Ellington West, CEO and Co-Founder of Sonavi Labs. “We have been working for years to make sure the best tools are available for patients that have traditionally been underserved, have been under-resourced, or for one reason or another, have lacked access to quality healthcare.”

Ben Swig, Director of Acadian’s Health Innovation program said “I first learned about Sonavi Labs years ago, and followed their journey as they developed the Feelix technology.” He continued, “I’m glad that we were able to formalize this relationship and create an opportunity to provide more advanced, tech-enabled services to patients through the Acadian network.

Aaron Webb, a trained Physician Assistant and Director of Acadian’s clinical teams also noted the opportunity for deploying the advanced technology, “I’m excited about the partnership with Sonavi Labs and looking forward to exploring the many ways that their technology can help improve quality and patient outcomes in the field.”

About Sonavi Labs
Sonavi Labs is a leader in the development of RPM technology. Through the smart application of augmented auscultation, Sonavi Labs creates medical devices and software rooted in machine learning. The company has made a commitment to save lives by making accessible, user-friendly tools that can be used by clinicians of all skill levels as well as patients anywhere. Feelix is the world’s first digital platform designed for clinicians and patients that deploys proprietary classification algorithms to detect and grade the severity of abnormalities in body sounds. Feelix delivers high-fidelity remote monitoring supported by integrated apps and a HIPAA-compliant cloud system. Learn more at

About Acadian
Since 1971, Acadian Companies has been dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency medical care and transportation possible. The company has expanded to include a diverse suite of services designed to offer the very best support and education in health, safety, security, education, and transportation. Learn more at

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