Feelix@Home make managing conditions at home a breeze.


Spend less time at the doctors office and more time at home. Feelix will alert you of abnormalities, save your screenings, and send them straight to your doctor.

Personalized Trend Analysis


Instant Alerts


Communicate with Care Provider


Automatic Uploads


End-to-End Security


User-Friendly and Reliable

Sharing is easy.

Feelix helps with chronic disease management.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, journals, and phone calls. Feelix automatically transfers readings and instantly sends them to your physician. Using the Feelix app, patients, parents, caregivers and doctors can easily access results and analysis anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Data Analytics

Why we are doing this

We know the challenges of managing chronic respiratory diseases, and we want to make it easier for patients and their care providers. Our technology aims to serve as the bridge between quality healthcare and the people and communities need it the most.

Sonavi Labs is dedicated to creating technology that is affordable, user-friendly and accessible for all levels of education and socio-economic status.

We have some great partners along with us on this journey

Fast. Smart. Powerful. Easy.

Feelix is high tech, advanced artificial intelligence in an easy to use, friendly product.