FeelixPro helps simplify your life and speed up your process.


Clear Display


Secure Data Transfer


Rapid Diagnostic Support


EMR Integration


Amplify Sounds


Extended Battery Life

Improve your workflow

Easily screen your patients and record high-quality audio files. You can replay screenings on-board or in the cloud to evaluate progress and treatment efficacy.

There’s more to me than just hardware

Introducing the Feelix Dashboard App and Smart Cloud

Why we are doing this

Sonavi Labs creates medical devices and software to provide clinicians of all skill levels with immediate diagnostic support. We deploy advanced, objective analytics into our hardware and software to help physicians deliver the best care possible. FeelixPro is intended to modernize health systems and improve the auscultation experience and the quality of data for health care providers to provide patients with the best care possible.

We have some great partners along with us on this journey

Fast. Smart. Powerful. Easy.

Feelix is high tech, advanced artificial intelligence in an easy to use, friendly product.