Let me tell you a little more about me

I help to detect and manage respiratory diseases by listening to the sounds of your body and identifying abnormalities in seconds.

Brilliant technology in a simple and easy-to-use platform.

Sonavi is bringing AI powered technology into the hands of clinicians, health workers, patients, & parents alike. Feelix is just as simple as the stethoscope you use today, but a whole lot smarter.

Why we are doing this

Respiratory diseases account for some of the most expensive and fatal conditions that we face as a global community. The world needs smarter tools to empower frontline workers and patients, which is why Sonavi Labs created Feelix and continues to develop advanced medical devices and software rooted in AI and applied to auscultation.

Sonavi Labs is dedicated to creating technology that is affordable, user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

We have some great partners along with us on this journey

Fast. Smart. Powerful. Easy.

Feelix is high tech, advanced artificial intelligence in an easy to use, friendly product.