March. 18, 2021 News

Baltimore, MD, March 18, 2021 – Sonavi Labs, a leading global telehealth company that harnesses acoustics and artificial intelligence to transform the way respiratory diseases and infections are detected and managed, today welcomed a new investor and strategic partner, Nightingale Partners LLC (“NP”).

NP is the first healthcare Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund and advisory firm, connecting capital to payers and providers of care to the medically underserved. The firm’s mission is to improve quality of care and reduce unnecessary healthcare expenditures for the most vulnerable patients through advanced technology, locally-curated social services providers, and innovative financing to address Social Determinants of Health. This mission aligns with the work Sonavi Labs is doing to increase quality of care by developing accessible medical technology for everyone, everywhere.

“I’m delighted to welcome Nightingale Partners to the Sonavi Labs family,” said Ellington West, CEO of Sonavi Labs. “We’re greatly honored by this team’s commitment to supporting our work and helping us make a significant impact in healthcare. Their leadership team is more than impressive and I’m glad that we’ll be able to call upon these giants for support and guidance.”

NP invested in Sonavi Labs to support its dedication to creating medical technology that is affordable, user-friendly, and accessible for all levels of education and socio-economic status. Sonavi Lab’s flagship product is FeelixTM, the first digital stethoscope designed for clinicians and patients that modernizes healthcare delivery by improving the auscultation experience with high-quality data for healthcare providers and empowers communities to use that data in the most effective ways possible.

In addition to supporting Sonavi Labs’ innovations in telehealth, NP gravitated towards Sonavi Labs to support the strides that Ellington is making as a Black woman executive. Ellington, who was recently named to Baltimore Sun’s 25 Women to Watch in Healthcare, is among just a few Black American women to have raised more than $2 million for her startup venture.

“Nightingale could not be more impressed with the company and its trajectory,” said SVP, Investment Strategy, Jordan Buxton-Punch, who led the NP deal team. “Ellington West, CEO of Sonavi Labs, has been recognized by numerous institutions and industry leaders as a dynamic young executive. While Sonavi Labs boasts an innovative product with powerful AI technology adaptive to multiple current and future use cases, NP is most excited about the opportunity to support a Black woman Chief Executive who is aiming to improve health outcomes in underserved communities across the globe.”

About Sonavi Labs

Sonavi Labs is a global leader in the development of telehealth technology for respiratory monitoring and diagnostic support. Through the smart application of augmented auscultation, Sonavi Labs creates medical devices and software rooted in artificial intelligence and is driven by a commitment to save lives by making accessible, user-friendly assessment tools that can be used by clinicians of all skill levels as well as patients anywhere. FeelixPro and Feelix by Sonavi Labs are the world’s first digital stethoscopes designed for clinicians and patients that deploy proprietary classification algorithms to detect and grade the severity of abnormalities in lung and body sounds. The Feelix platform delivers high-fidelity remote monitoring that is supported by integrated apps and a secured, HIPAA-compliant cloud system. Learn more at

Mike Mills 
Sagefrog Marketing Group on behalf of Sonavi Labs