June. 08, 2022 News

Baltimore, MD, June 6, 2022 Sonavi Labs, a global leader in the development of telehealth technology for respiratory monitoring and diagnostic support, was selected by Plug and Play Health in partnership with Launc[H] into the Plug and Play Inaugural Health Equity Accelerator.  The program brings together health-equity startups from across the globe dedicated to advancing care delivery, patient experience, and outcomes through digital solutions.

Sonavi Labs joins four other startups, including Bloomlife, CareAdvisors, NourishedRx, and Viora Health. Each of these companies is recognized as a leader in their region’s digital health space and is dedicated to improving health equity by addressing social determinants of health, expanding access to healthcare, and bridging the digital divide.

Program participants will receive mentorship, corporate connections, office hours with health experts, VC introductions, and industry-specific workshops. Sonavi Labs will focus this assistance on Feelix, its FDA-approved digital diagnostic stethoscope that uses adaptive noise suppression and real-time data analytics to instantly diagnose diseases by listening to body sounds.

“Thank you, Plug and Play Health and Launc[H], for this opportunity to make Feelix the best solution it can be,” said Ellington West, Co-founder and CEO of Sonavi Labs. “We look forward to leveraging the expertise and resources from the Hartford and Plug And Play community as we work to increase patient access to advanced healthcare technology and disease management resources. Support like this truly makes the defining difference between hoping to advance health equity and achieving sustainable progress.”

The Plus and Play Health program will conclude with an Expo in June 2022, where Sonavi Labs and the other participating companies will present their digital health solutions to the Hartford Health system.

About Sonavi Labs
Sonavi Labs is a global leader in the development of telehealth technology for respiratory monitoring and diagnostic support. Through the smart application of augmented auscultation, Sonavi Labs creates medical devices and software rooted in artificial intelligence and is driven by a commitment to save lives by making accessible, user-friendly assessment tools that can be used by clinicians of all skill levels as well as patients anywhere. Feelix by Sonavi Labs is the world’s first digital stethoscope designed for clinicians and patients that deploys proprietary classification algorithms to detect and grade the severity of abnormalities in lung and body sounds. Feelix delivers high-fidelity remote monitoring supported by integrated apps and a secured, HIPAA-compliant cloud system. Learn more at sonavilabs.com.

About Plug and Play
Plug and Play is the leading innovation platform, connecting startups, corporations, venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’re present in 35+ locations across five continents. We offer corporate innovation programs and help our corporate partners in every stage of their innovation journey, from education to execution. We also organize startup acceleration programs and have built an in-house VC to drive innovation across multiple industries where we’ve invested in hundreds of successful companies including Dropbox, Guardant Health, Honey, Lending Club, N26, PayPal, and Rappi. Learn more at plugandplaytechcenter.com.

Mike Mills  
Sagefrog Marketing Group on behalf of Sonavi Labs