January. 14, 2021 News

Baltimore, MD, January 14, 2021 Sonavi Labs, a leader in acoustics and AI-enabled medical technologies for respiratory monitoring and diagnostics, has partnered with E Ink Holdings (“E Ink”) to develop and manufacture displays for FeelixProTM, the first digital stethoscope designed for clinicians that uses a proprietary classification algorithm to automatically detect abnormalities in lung sounds.

As a pioneer and commercial leader in ePaper technologies, E Ink’s durable, low-power displays are ideal for the mobile nature of FeelixProTM, which allows clinicians everywhere to use the device on-the-go, with dependable battery life and fast and precise diagnostic support.

The inclusion of E Ink’s advanced display will aid FeelixProTM in helping clinicians eliminate doubt or delay from their diagnoses in even the noisiest environments, while ensuring accurate auscultation, faster diagnosis and treatment, and improved outcomes for those struggling with respiratory diseases.

“E Ink’s commitment to revolutionary products and excellent user experiences is a perfect match for Sonavi Labs and our digital stethoscope, FeelixProTM,” said Ellington West, CEO of Sonavi Labs. “With E Ink’s display technology integrated into our devices, we can make our products more accessible to clinicians operating in any location, whether it be the most remote clinic or the busiest hospital.”

E Ink is the originator of commercial ePaper technologies, serving the world’s most influential brands and manufacturers with advanced display technologies for the most challenging applications.

“E Ink is excited to work with Sonavi Labs on their new, revolutionary product,” said Paul Apen, Chief Business & Operations Officer of E Ink Corporation. “Our goal has been to enable our customers to make unique products that solve their customer’s pain points, and with this product, Sonavi Labs is bringing a much needed value to clinicians and patients.”

About Sonavi Labs
Sonavi Labs is a global leader in the development of medical technology for respiratory monitoring and diagnostics support. Through the smart application of acoustics and artificial intelligence and driven by a commitment to save lives through accessible medical technology for everyone, everywhere, we deliver more accurate auscultation, faster diagnosis, and positive outcomes for people with chronic diseases. FeelixProTM and FeelixTM by Sonavi Labs are the first digital stethoscopes designed for clinicians and consumers that use a proprietary classification algorithm to automatically detect abnormalities in lung and body sound. Visit sonavilabs.com.

Mike Mills  
Sagefrog Marketing Group on behalf of Sonavi Labs