January. 04, 2021 News

Sonavi Labs recently closed investment from Sand Hill Angels (SHA) and Gaingels. SHA makes seed-stage investments in disruptive, scalable technologies and companies that serve large and growing markets, well-defined problems, disruptive solutions, defensible technology, clear go-to-market plans, and strong teams that have a demonstrated ability to execute. Gaingels is the first investment vehicle for minority and LGBT+ founders and executives. It seeks top investment returns by co-investing with the best venture capital firms and seeks to influence social change by investing in the best companies with LGBT+ leadership. More than half of Gaingels companies have a female founder or senior leader and over one third have a non-white founder or senior leader. Ellington West, CEO and Co-Founder of Sonavi Labs is among just a few Black American women to have raised more than $1 million in venture capital.  Learn more about Sand Hill Angels and Gaingels and the changemaking companies they support.